Monday 25 August 2014

Rohan Captain

People often ask how long it takes me to paint a miniature.  Accepting that it varies wildly based on the amount of detail on the mini and exactly how much effort I decide to put into it, I would estimate that it takes me about two hours per miniatures. Most of the Rohan miniatures I have painted lately have taken me about that long, although a good chunk of that time is taken up by the shields.

My new Captain of Rohan took just a little bit over two hours. I know that because it is a rare example these days of a miniature that I painted from start to completion in one sitting. This fantastic miniature comes from Musketeer Miniatures Roman-British/King Arthur line...

(Blog interrupted by massive baby vomit. All cleaned up now)

I knew when I started painting this miniature that he would serve as a captain for my Rohirrim foot forces. There is just something noble and heroic about him. To that end, I decided to make his shield design more complex than most. I figure he is distantly related to the royal line, which gives him the right to carry the sign of the crown on his shield. The character on the top of the shield is his personal mark. It is just a squiggle I made up, but seems to fit well enough. It all looks a little rough when seen close up in a photograph, but smooths out when viewed at tabletop distance.

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  1. This figure is fantastic and the shield marks him as a man of note. I'm impressed your are keeping to the pledge so well.

  2. Superbly done - nice work on the shield design too.

  3. Nice job. Great thing about many dark ages range is so many figures can be added to your LOTR collection. I like the shield too, that "p" shape also has links to that period christian symbol that also seem to feature around that time...