Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek

While it is not my intention to review every episode of the Doctor Who season, I thought it only fair to say a few words about this week's episode. After my lukewarm review of the season opener, I am happy to say, Doctor Who came back strong this past weekend, presenting one of the best episodes of the past few seasons, and arguably one of the best since the show's revival.

Having left the silliness of dinosaurs and lizard-women in Victorian London behind, the Doctor once again travels into space to take on his greatest enemy, the Daleks.While the Daleks have definitely been overused in the last decade, this is a story that could not function without them.

I am happy to report that Peter Capaldi truly shines as the Doctors in this episode. Although he is still gruff, and at one point seems somewhat callous, it is all part of the greater exploration of his character that is the focus of the story. A story that is presented in a fantastic, action-packed package, that includes a huge shoot-out between a squad of Daleks and human 'rebels'. Dalek's explode, human's are zapped, flames spew in all directions. This is classic Doctor Who, but with a budget the original series could only dream about.

Not every note was pitch perfect, there is a real dud moment when the 'over arching plot line' is badly integrated and detracts from the terrifically building tension, but this is overshadowed by the generally terrific dialogue and really nifty sets.

If even half of the episodes of this season are this good, or even close, it will be a strong season of Doctor Who indeed.

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