Tuesday 16 June 2015

Frostgrave - The Hunt for the Golem

It wasn't my original intention to become directly involved with the Frostgrave Nickstarter campaign, but there has been so much excitement, and so many people are supporting the game already, that I guess I just got caught up in all the fun. I told Osprey and Northstar that if the Nickstarter hit £30,000, then I would contribute a new mini-campaign that I had been working on as one of the spend-goal giveaways.

Well, for those keeping score, the Nickstarter passed £30k sometime this weekend! So, it looks like most of the backers will be receiving Frostgrave: The Hunt for the Golem as a free PDF. The campaign consists of three linked scenarios involving a rogue construct from the earliest days of Frostgrave's history. Along with the scenarios, some fluff, and the new monster, there are also a few new treasures that can be discovered during the campaign that will be especially interesting to wizards who like to make their own constructs.

I finished writing the campaign over the weekend. I just need to do some editing before I send it off to Osprey.

In other Frostgrave news, I painted up my first official plastic Frostgrave soldier. I went with a basic thug, because you are always going to need a few. I gave him the axe, because it looks tough, and then I gave him a swag bag. Well, that's what I'm calling it anyway. It's my favourite piece on the sprue, just a sack that can be thrown over the shoulder. Not only does this give something for the thug to carry in his off-hand, thus explaining why he only carries an hand weapon, but fits well with how I usually use my thugs during the game. Their job is basically to grab the loot and get out of there, while my better soldiers and spellcasters do the real fighting.

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone who has supported the game so far, and I hope they enjoy the new mini-campaign!


  1. I'm really grooving on the Frostgrave figures. It's quite refreshing to see 'fantasy' figures that don't like like they were designed by someone who played too many video games as a kid...

  2. Thanks for the update mate, and nice work on your first Frostgrave Soldier plastic mini...they're an excellent looking set of mini's.

    Very much looking forward to getting this game!!!

  3. Looking good. I'm so please that this project has caught on so well.

    I can't wait to start playing.

  4. Very nice the look rather good. I don't think I'll get into the game but have seen one or two figures that might be useful

  5. so how does the hunt for the golem get to the players who participated in the nickstarter, and when? btw, i made my purchase of level 5 through brigade games.

    thank in advance,


  6. If you were part of the Nickstater and bought a Level 3, 4, 5 Wizard package then you should have received a paper with a url to download The Hunt for the Golem. If you did not receive this you should contact whoever shipped your Nickstater.

  7. Hi Joe

    Great game we played this weekend for the first time and it was alot of funn, even though we messed a few rules up. Has a nice simple logic too it that allows you to get on a play instead of worrying about rules and loads of narrative moments (Bone Darts are deadly). Coming in late to the game well after the nickstarter I was wondering if the Hunt for the Golem will ever be available to anyone at all. (Not necessarily for free but available none the less). Anyway cheers for a great game.

  8. Hunt for the Golem should be for sale as a little ebook next month - not sure about the exact date.