Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Frostgrave Review

Here's the first independent review of Frostgrave that I have seen. It's pretty thorough, so if you are looking for my information on the game, I suggest checking it out.



  1. Nice review link

    Seriously considering this with my gaming mates

    Are there any other aar on the net?

  2. Most helpful review and my appetite has been whetted.

  3. Joe5mc can u give us a brief brakedown of how the schools are aligned? Id like to use some otherworld druid minis with my dark ahe mercs but not sure what other school would be possible for a 'witch' thankyou

  4. Good review for you there, certainly thorough. How come they've got the rules pre-release BTW (he said with petted lip). Looking forward to the release, already got my pre-order in.

  5. Mi7 - I have been asked by Osprey not to divulge the exact relationship of the different schools of magic. That said, none of the schools are 'exclusive', they can all cast spells from one another just at increasing penalties. Also, wizards are completely individual. While necromancers tend to dress all in black, specific ones could dress any way they want. So if you want your guys to look like druids, you should feel free to have them represent whatever school of magic you choose.

    There are a few playtest AAR reports floating around on the net. Try googling 'Cor Blog Me Frostgrave' and you should find a few.