Saturday 26 March 2016


I usually paint miniatures one at a time. While I accept that batch painting is a much more efficient
way of painting units, I just find it unfulfilling. I like to concentrate all my efforts on one model, watching it grow and develop with each new coat or colour, and working to give it the best paint job I can give it. However, this system doesn't quite work when painting the Knights of Minas Tirith that I have been working on. Because of their shining armour, I use a lot of washes on them, which can mean long drying times. So, while waiting for that to dry, it is necessary to have at least one other figure to work on. For the past two Knights of Minas Tirith, this has been Legolas!

This figure is one of the plastic figures from the Mines of Moria set. As such, it is 'theoretically' not based on Orland Bloom's portrayal in the movies, although you couldn't tell that by looking at the outfit. Anyway, its a great fig. Like the best figures in The Lord of the Rings line, he is simple, with an understated custom, but the details are sharp. Here he is taking aim at some Uruks near Amon Hen!