Tuesday 1 March 2016

The Frozen Ruins of Frostgrave

So, here it is, the first illustration of The Frozen City! Okay, in truth that is just one little piece of the city, but still, it is the first time that any part of Frostgrave has been shown at a distance. Anyway, here is the cover for the next print supplement: Forgotten Pacts. I'll be talking more about it in the future, but I have a few other things to cover first...

[Edit: Of course this isn't the 'next' print supplement. That's Into the Breeding Pits out in July. This one is out in November. I guess my head is always in the future at the moment.]


  1. Is it too early to be stupidly excited about this?

  2. Wow very cool. Mammoths are a must too. Incidentally I just sculpted 2 rhino's and a big elephant, once I get resin masters I was planning on adding fur...

  3. Looks intriguing - especially that rhino!

  4. Dear Joe,

    Nice illustration!!!

    Can you give us informations about bestiary for into the the Breeding Pits? We know there are gnolls, perharps Goblins? Orks? Bats?

    Thanking you in advance, have a nice day!


  5. Awesome art!
    So much hype :S

  6. Wohoooow... I want them all.

  7. The imagery reminds me a lot of the older Runequest RPG (the version before GW ruined it!) nomads of Prax who rode odd animals like bison, rhinos, antelopes & ostriches!

    Having played that game rather than D&D, I've always been a fan of the more shamanistic wizard types which might account for my fondness for the witch school in Frostgrave.

  8. George - Runequest is one of those games that I was always aware of, but never actually played. To many games, not enough time.
    Sebastian - I'm afraid there won't be orcs or goblins. There will be a few familiar things and a few unfamiliar things...
    Miniatures of the North - Thanks for commenting! You've got some great minis - I've long been a fan of your Fallen Dwarves and your Tox Troopers!

  9. So.. wilderness rules? Not that the regular rules cannot cover the odd bit of woods.