Wednesday 2 March 2016

The Frostgrave Auction

I just received a copy of the latest issue of Wargames: Soldier & Strategy (Issue 83) which contains my short article 'The Frostgrave Auction'. The article is basically about running an 'in campaign' auction for some rare magical items that were found in the Frozen City.  The article includes five such items, but this was cut down from the original seven for space reasons.  For those completists out there, I'm happy to present the other two here!

Sword of Wounding and Healing (Reserve Price 400gc)

The origins of our next item remain obscure. Probably it was a gift to a trust lieutenant, or perhaps part of a payment to a mercenary for services rendered. The blade itself is magical and designed to burn inside any wound inflicted, a nasty piece of work. It also contains one other surprise. The hilt of the weapon contains a small hollow chamber sealed with a thick ornament of cut glass in the pommel. The chamber acts as a vial, holding a tiny amount of healing potion, just enough, perhaps, to keep one alive. Perhaps the language of the inscription on the blade will one day be understood, and the history of the item will become clear. Until then, it must remain a mystery. The bidding starts at 350gc...

This magical hand weapon has a +1 damage modifier. In addition, the bearer of the blade can spend one action to drink the potion contained in the pommel. This hidden chamber holds just enough healing potion to heal 2 points of damage. Between games, this potion store can be replenished by sacrificing another Healing Potion owned by the wizard. This replenishment uses up the whole of the Healing Potion.

Magic Beans (Reserve Price 150gc)

Now this is a delightful little item. Don’t snicker, for these beans will sprout even in the frozen ground of Frostgrave. In fact, they grow so quickly, that you can literally ride the shoot up! How often have you needed to get up a ruin quickly? Well, this humble little bag of beans is your answer! Shall we start the bidding at 100gc…

This small pouch of magic beans can be used three times before it is exhausted. To use the beans, the bearer spends an action. The figure may then immediately make a move any distance it wishes upward and then 1” in any direction as a free action. The magic beans may not be used by a figure In Combat. 


  1. Brilliant. I like how Frostgrave is suggestive and less directive with it's setting... and that things like magic beans exist! (suggestive of fairy tales and folklore)

  2. Cool, loving how the game is expanding.

  3. Frostgrave made me enjoy my hobby again... but as a collector in a faraway land please tell me you are planning a compilation of your articles and scenarios that appear in magazines that are harder to get online...

  4. Andres, I can't say if this material will ever appear in compilation or not. The good news, WSS can be bought as a PDF download for £2.28 here

    1. Thanks for that Joe, not enough in the mag for me to shell out for the print edition but that's affordable.

  5. Just bought the magazine.
    Looking forward to try this out with the group :)

  6. And the same issue have an article I am interested in: make MDF look real. I might just buy it.

  7. And the same issue have an article I am interested in: make MDF look real. I might just buy it.