Friday 10 June 2016


There has been so much going on these past couple of weeks (UK Games Expo, my daughter's second birthday, the manuscript for the next Frostgrave supplement due...) that I have neglected to mention the Gnickstarter!

This is the latest Frostgrave pre-order campaign. It's the first chance to order the newest supplement, Into the Breeding Pits, along with all of the new miniatures, including the new box set of plastic gnolls!

The Gnickstarter has already passed its first two spend goals, meaning that most people will be getting a free hyena and some free giant rats; however things get really interesting at the next level which brings in the Violent Fungus (hehe).

You can click here to see all of the details of the Gnickstarter and order directly from North Star.

You can also order it through Bad Squiddo Games (renowned for their customer service).

Or through Sally 4th which is throwing in a few freebies of their own.

If you are in the USA, you might want to order from Brigade Games.

If you are in Germany, Miniaturicum is also offering the Gnickstarter.

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