Friday, 22 June 2018

Ogre Smash!

After a bit of a break, I'm back on the painting train, and just finished up this guy. He's a Reaper Bones miniature, sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I picked him up at Adepticon this year. At $3.50 for such a large miniature, it is hard to resist. 

While he'll be my go-to ogre in future games, I also have plans to use him as a troll in my Middle-Earth battles as he fits my vision pretty well. Here's a shot of him towering over a Gondorian ranger!


  1. Nicely done Joe! I have the same figure primed & waiting his turn on the paint table.

  2. I like the paint job and it ties in well with the other models, you forgot to sand the sprue join on the base.. bad Joe. Do you know of any `dressed' ogre figures, not loin cloths and half naked?

  3. Questions: Which ruleset do you use for your Middle-Earth games?