Monday, 4 June 2018

Spellcaster 3 – Print on Demand – Now Available!

Good news for everyone who was waiting to pick up Issue 3 of Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine in print format. I have just received the proofs and approved them for sale.

Once again, I am seriously impressed with the quality of the printing.

I especially like this issue in print because the significantly increased page count makes the magazine look like a proper little booklet.

Remember, anyone buying a print copy also gets the PDF version for free, which is especially nice in this case as Ghost Archipelago players will probably want to print out the Ulterior Motives cards.

You can get your copy from

The growing spine width of Spellcaster magazine!


  1. I just bought the three issues at rpgnow. The pdfs are looking great, can't wait to see the printed versions. I am interested in your upcoming side project rangers of shadow deep. I really like the approach here. Some kind of LOTR but as cooperative gaming and with few heroes more like an rpg/dungeon crawl. Kinda trying this myself a few times with own rules. As you wrote you will write and publish at your own time here. Can you already tell us when you plan to release the game or is it far too early to give an estimation? Thank you for the ongoing writing! :)

  2. Hey Joe (never get tired of that one....) Are there any plans to release the Spellcaster printed magazines as a compendium?
    I ask because after buying the various pdf files individually only to have the folio come out shortly after I was a bit gutted.


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