Tuesday 2 April 2019

Draconis Combine Outpost

Last year, I picked up this little ‘moon base’ set from Brigade Models at the Tabletop Live show in London, and have finally gotten around to painting it. Well, in truth, most of the paint is just sprayed on, but I don’t think it looks any worse for that.

It makes a great little objective set for Battletech, or any other 6mm game really. As you can see, the landing pad is the perfect size to hold a Silent Death fighter.

I also did a quick paint on a Kurita Commando. Since, the Draconis Combine forces are generally the ‘bad guys’ in my game, they don’t get the good paint jobs!

I like the idea that this is some remote outpost, so low priority that when they asked for military support, they got a single light mech.


  1. I really like the Brigade Models Sci Fi Buildings, I have a few. I'm also soon to be in receipt of some of the new DFA buildings, very much looking forward to seeing those up close and personal.

    Agreed, the building would make a great little objective for both Classic Battletech as well as Alpha Strike...I hardly ever get a chance to play the former these days, but do enjoy a nice game of Alpha Strike once every few weeks. I'm really looking forward to the Alpha Strike Commander Editions rules, which have apparently recently gone to print!!!

    What purpose are you intending to assign this outpost? Scientific research? Military Surveillance? Exploration Support????

    1. Has the Commander's Edition gone to print? I'll believe it when I see it! I'm thinking Scientific Research, seems the most plausible explanation for such a small outpost.

    2. "Gone to press" were the specific words - I'm really looking forward to it!

      It was dropped in the last few posts on the 2nd page of this thread;


    3. ...and at the top of this page (page 13 in the linked thread), you can see where a Battletech Developer made that statement;


  2. Those buildings look just right for some "extract the defecting scientist" or "destroy the enemy research" missions.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I've been looking for Battletech-scale scenery that is good quality and affordable for ages.

  4. BattleTech was my first war game I played in the 80s. I find it really hard to get people to play today. The rules have a lot of fidelity. The game IMHO still takes too long to play. I just purchased the latest edition of the BattleTech BattleMech Manual. Of all the rule books of the past, this is probably the cleanest I have ever seen it but I feel like the game still needs to be streamlined. I do not have the latest Total War but may pick it for nostalgia reasons. Now, back to still having a hard time finding someone to play.

    As an example, when I first introduced people to Frostgrave who had never played wargames before, they became hooked and now we play weekly. Rangers of Shadow Deep was an easy sell. That my daughter wants to play RoSD almost made me fall over.

    BattleTech? Not even my hard core Warhammer, Warmahordes, Bolt Action or Infinity friends. My brother will play if he is in the mood.

    Anyway, love the buildings. Glad you are enjoying the game. Look forward to future blog entries.

  5. Battletech is not a 'modern game' by any standard - and, in truth, I don't suggest Total War unless you are really into it - it is DENSE. Keep any eye out for Alpha Strike however, it's a much simpler wargame but with most of the traditional BT flavour. Really though, I think BT's main problem is one of perception. It is really a game about duels. If you think of it is a couple of gunslingers going at it - instead of a 'battle' it all starts to make more sense.

  6. Love the buildings, they look perfect for Battletech.

  7. Silent Death?!!? Someone went and set the WayBack Machine to last millennium. :D