Sunday, 5 May 2019

Avengers: Endgame (No Spoilers)

At 42, I have reached the age where nostalgia plays a large roll in my decision-making, especially when it comes to ‘entertainment purchases’. To put it another way, the older I get, the more money I seem to spend trying to recapture the passion and fire I had as a 12-14 year old. It is mostly just chasing ghosts, though; money spent for a candle-flame intensity. I would probably be better served seeking new passions than attempting to harness the past. 

Last week, however, for the price of a movie ticket, I briefly burned with the inferno of youthful passion. It was glorious.


  1. A fitting conclusion to a story that has matured over 11 years and 22 movies. Still doesn't replace Winter Soldier as my absolute fav though.

    1. Winter Soldier is probably my favourite as well.

  2. My nostalgia burned with the intensity of 10,000 exploding suns. It was a glorious end to the over all saga.

    I was so glad that the film makers seem to have got sufficient confidence now that they don't feel the need to undercut every dramatic or emotional moment with a quip. Finishing on the matinee idol kiss was a lovely way to sign off.