Tuesday 13 August 2019

Occult Investigator

I finished painting the last figure in the Dracula’s America Hired Guns II pack that I bought from North Star. I had a lot of fun painting all of three of the figures, and I can definitely see myself getting a few more.

This last one is some sort of paranormal investigator, and frankly would probably fit just as well into a Victorian game as an Old West one. With my renewed interest in Deadlands and now Sagas & Six-guns, I can definitely see him getting onto the table at some point.

I also painted one of the wizard shades from The Maze of Malcor. The paint job for this figure isn’t particularly remarkable, it is literally just blue highlighted all the way up to white, but the circumstances of its painting make it special.

This is the first figure I have fully painted while sitting and painting with my five-year-old daughter. I gave her a plastic Frostgrave figure to paint, which she ‘finished’, in about five minutes. She went on to paint several paintings (all of them masterpieces) while I worked on this one figure. Since the paint job didn’t require much attention, I was able to chat with her the whole time, which was wonderful.

I should get the other four wizard shades based up and ready to paint just encase we have another opportunity!


  1. Professor Abraham Setrakian vampire hunter.

  2. Great model, so full of character.
    Excellent work!

  3. I have a tray full of old Battle Master miniatures that my kids have painted with me. The only downside is my kids like them so much their minis are the minis on display so folks who know I paint come over and think their work is mine... I'm pretty sure I've lost commissions over it, but it's worth it to see my kids enjoying my hobby!

  4. Those are a couple of nice minis, and they form an atmospheric tableau together.

  5. Gamer dads are awesome dads! Good job!

  6. Nice story. As a newly-minted father of a baby girl, I hope some years from now I'll have similar stories to tell about her :)