Wednesday 8 January 2020

The First Temptation

Less than a day after posting my new plan for miniatures, I faced my first major temptation to break it…

I was in W. H. Smith, and as always, I gave the extensive magazine rack a quick perusal. And there it was, Mortal Realms Magazine #1, the latest ‘thing’ from Games Workshop. Of course, to call it a ‘magazine’ is disingenuous*. Really, it is a set of 13 miniatures, plus some dice, that just happens to come with a free magazine. But here is the kicker, it costs £3.


There is no way around it; this is one of the best money-to-miniature deals in the history of the hobby.

Now, when it comes to Age of Sigmar, I have no strong opinion. I think some of the miniatures are lovely, and this includes the ones offered in this set. I find the lore behind the game mostly impenetrable. The game itself is not for me, but plenty of people seem to have fun with it. But £3 for 13 really nice miniatures? And those ghosty things would make great spectres for playing Rangers of Shadow Deep: Ghost Stone

I picked it up. I examined it from all angles. I put it back on the shelf. Then I picked it up again. I considered buying two or three copies and getting an army of ghosts for £9! I pondered how I could get it in my bag (not planning to steal it; I’d just come on my bike).

But I had a plan for my miniatures, and this wasn’t in it! I mean, I could always modify the plan right? Just get these now, and they could be the next project after I finish one of my five.
I mean, I’d have to be pretty dumb not to buy 13 Games Workshop miniatures for £3 right?

Finally, taking a deep breath, I put it back on the shelf and walked out of the store. Honestly, it wasn't easy.

In the end, I managed to resist, not because I had a plan, but because of the truth that lies behind my plan. Buying these miniatures would not increase my enjoyment of the hobby, in fact, they would decrease it. They would distract from the projects that I had carefully identified as the ones I most want to pursue. 

So, by walking out of the store empty-handed, I not only felt £3 richer, but I once again felt freer to pursue the projects that are really important to me. It was like that great moment in The Fellowship of the Ring where Bilbo finally lets go of the ring, steps outside, and breathes the fresh air of freedom.

I won. I beat the world that is constantly trying to pull me apart with distraction, and I am stronger for it.

None of this, of course, is an attack on the product itself. Like I said, it’s an amazing deal, and if starting Age of Sigmar was something I was really excited about, I’d be all over this. But I’m not, and thankfully, I was able to remember this before pulling out my wallet.

Of course, now I’ve shown this deal to you, dear reader, you are faced with the same question! Irony, I suppose. (Although only if you live in the UK or Spain as its not available anywhere else!).

*In the UK, magazines (and books) are exempt from the 20% Value Added Tax that is applied to most commercial items. There is a whole industry devoted to taking advantage of this loophole by packaging things as free-gifts with a magazine.


  1. Those do look awesome, and for less than $10 plus something to read... not bad.

  2. Wait what? The models are 15 USD for just the stormcast in the states (and that's not a bad deal). I want that "magazine"

    1. Also... plans "rarely survive contact with the enemy"

    2. It's a loss-leader to try and get you to subscribe to all 80 issues...the deal gets worse as it goes along.

  3. In spain it costs 1.99€.... I bought it cause I know the collection and wait for it to increase my armies ��

  4. Now I really want to go play some Frostgrave

  5. That's some measure of self-control you exerted, I'm not sure I would be able to do it and I've given up on 28mm (in favour of the smaller scales) for more than a year now. Good on you that you were able to withstand the 'oh shiny' syndrome.
    But you're right of course, you would've gained very little and perhaps were even tempted to buy more later on.

  6. Oh no, why did you even posted it?!! :-)

  7. Your willpower is beyond superhuman and into the realm of myth and magic... well done, sir!

  8. You were stronger than me.....

    I was weak and bought the pack.


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  10. Only got one and its enought. Maybe i could use them for SAGA AoM and Frost as spectres. Interested in the second and 3rd issues (love those banshees models)

    I have an Oathmark related question: will goblins get access to chariots? Im interested to make some fun conversion using the new wolf calvary box set and random chariots.

  11. I couldn't resist - 3 pound was too good

  12. I've been wrestling with this one for the past week. It's a great deal and there are things I could do with the models if I get round to it. I thought the chainrasps (ghost things) would make great FG wraiths as soon as I saw them. But the more I think about it, the more I doubt that I would do anything with them.

    I don't really play GW games (besides Blood Bowl) any more and I seem to have migrated to the smaller/more realistic style of the Frostgrave models, so these things seem over-sized and over-detailed.

  13. Lol! I love Age of Sigmar. It was the game that got me into Wargaming, fact is it was my first table top game ever (my parents didn't even buy us Monopoly when I was a kid). I own 6 AoS armies (including the full set of whats offered in the subscription) and have played a few games of Frostgrave with those mini's.