Thursday, 23 July 2020

In Good Company

I was checking something on DriveThruRPG the other day, and I noticed this. Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition and Rangers of Shadow Deep sit right next to one another in the Adamantine Best-Seller List! For those that don’t know, Savage Worlds is the creation of one of my favourite game designers, Shane Lacey Hensley -  who has also written the foreword to Frostgrave: Second Edition!

Now, in truth, this comparison isn’t really accurate. For most of its existence, Rangers of Shadow Deep has mainly been available on DriveThruRPG, whereas Savage Worlds has probably sold just as much, or more, through traditional print. Still, it’s good company to be in, and it made me smile!

Also, for those who might be interested - there is now a Deluxe Edition of Rangers of Shadow Deep that can be ordered in either Print or Ebook. It makes much more sense to by the Deluxe edition than the original, that is shown here.


  1. Congrats Joe, you've created two of the best table top games in last decade, and as anyone whose been involved in TT gaming for any extended period knows -that is no small any accolades are more than well deserved. I hear rumor of new RoSD supplement in the pipe?, can you shed any light? I picked up the DE hardcover awhile back and as an very early adopter of the game, I can say without any hesitation- it's worth every penny! cheers!

    1. The next thing out for Rangers will be Menagerie, which is a mini-supplement. It's got 2 scenarios and a bunch of new animal companions.

    2. Cool! I've got my Frostgrave 2 on order, and there is more Rangers coming up.