Tuesday 7 July 2020

You Are the Brute Squad!

I just finished painting this guy, the ogre guard model for the Rangers of Shadow Deep line of miniatures from North Star. I liked the figure so much, I decided I would use him as a member of my ranger warband, possibly representing the ogre, Gorbin, who can be found/rescued/recruited in Incinerator. That’s why I painted him in my ranger green and browns.

I know I harp on about the amazing sculpts that Bobby Jackson has been creating for this line, but seriously, this miniature is something else. For one, it is cast in resin, so the detail is extra sharp, but there is something about it that seems to actually improve my painting. I mean, look at the definition on the hands. I painted his fingernails!

This time I remembered to take a size-comparison photo!


  1. That is a lovely mini and the paint job really adds to its character. The idea of a Brute Squad, made entirely from ogres could make a fun basis for a dungeon crawler. It automatically explains why the Player Characters (the ogres) are tougher than the denizens of the deep, dank dungeon; not chosen ones, not veteran adventurers, just a bunch of ogres earning a crust. I really liked some of the Empire Ogres from Warhammer/Mordheim; with their occasionally fancy clothing and civilized aspect.

  2. Love the Princess Bride reference.