Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Ranger Warband


I have completed work on my Rangers of Shadow Deep warband! Unlike the warbands I have built for most games, this one isn’t designed to be a single force that I used all together. Instead, it’s the group form which I draw my rangers and companions for a given mission. In Rangers, the number of figures you need for a given mission depends on the specific mission and on the number of players, so it’s not a fixed group.

Really, I just painted up a bunch of figures I really liked! Most of the figures are from the official Rangers of Shadow Deep line. The only exceptions are the woman with the shield and the monk, which are both Reaper Miniatures and the falcon which is a Frostgrave model.

I’ve also got them organized into my Rangers travel case. Along with the figures I’ve got a 6” ruler, a pair of d20s and even a miniature deck of cards (from a Christmas cracker! They do have a use!)

All of these figures got my highest level of painting, so they are probably the most pleasing set of miniatures I own.


  1. Lovely! Nice set too... but... you seem to be a miniature shy for a FULL box there.

  2. They look fantastic! Great work

  3. Hey brother Hammond from reaper was part of my band too!

    So this made me think of something. For RoSD, do you often change up campaigns and keep a pool? I usually just replace them when they die.

    1. I like to keep a record of any companion I've ever used, just encase I want to bring them back later.

  4. I use a tiny deck of cards, too!

  5. That's a great, low-fantasy style warband.

  6. I agree with everyone else - that is a lovely looking warband. As mentioned above by Phil, you just need to fill that final miniature space to complete it - another miniature or maybe another item of paraphernalia to aid in your future ROSD games?

    Just out of interest, can you give us a few more pictures of your figures case (and any others you use for your figure storage purposes?) and let us know where you got it from - it looks a very handy size.

  7. Awesomeness! I'm still working on my Rangers, I used Frostgrave and Oathmark mini's for them, since I own all of those.

  8. LOVE them! I also have to say, intentional or not, the light in the photos you take of your minis has a slight dimness to it that gives the figs a real "air of mystery," mystical atmosphere.

  9. Hey, let's have a "contest:" What Mini Should Joseph Paint to Fill his Case?