Monday, 9 November 2020

Cthulhu Comes to Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago, & The Shadow Deep

I have just received word that Blaster: Volume 2 is now available from DriveThruRPG in both PDF and print-on-demand formats!

This independent wargames anthology contains my work 'Shadowgrave: Part 1' in which I present the first part of my rules for brining the Cthulhu Mythos into games of Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago, and Rangers of Shadow Deep.

Specifically, the piece includes rules for sanity rolls and permanent mental damage as-well-as stats and special abilities for eight mythos creatures. 

Just to make all of this fun and immediately useable, I have included a scenario for each of the three games as well - a competitive one for Frostgrave, a solo one for Ghost Archipelago, and a solo or co-operative one for Rangers of Shadow Deep. All of which can get pretty horrific...

In issue 3, I'll be following up with complete rules for Mythos magic as well as more monsters and more scenarios!

Of course, that's not all that is in Blaster 2. You'll also get Mystic Skies, a complete wargame written by Mike Hutchinson and Sean Sutter, in which wizards duel while whizzing around on flying carpets! Plus more stuff for Last Days from Ash Barker and This is Not a Test from Joey McGuire!

I hope you enjoy it!


  1. The contents sound interesting and the cover looks really cool.

  2. I was buying some of Joe's zombie "non-fiction?". If anyone is familiar, what is the difference between "Zombies: a hunter's guide" and "Zombie Hunting" I own the hunters guide and it's great for adding fluff, should I get Z Hunting as well?

  3. Purchased both issues! Excited about the Mythos expansion for your games since I've been using a set of more Mythos-esque monsters for all my games since I started playing (I'm "over it" with classic fantasy myself). The "flying wizards" wargame is a nice bonus too!

  4. Can you mod this for Stargrave as well?! Would be appreciated!