Monday, 23 November 2020

Elladan of the Grey Company

Here is the figure I'm going to use for Elladan, one of the sons of Elrond, in my Grey Company. It's an older Reaper figure, sculpted by Sandra Garrity. 

What I like about the figure is the simplicity of its costume, but with they dynamic (but not overly dynamic) pose. He is wearing the chainmail, which is appropriate, but has a jacket over it, which is more fun to paint and provides better contrast. What I'm not sure about is the size of the two swords. I mean, over-sized weapons have a long history in fantasy miniatures, but it is even more pronounced when a figure has two of them!

Still, I think the good outweighs the bad, and I love the way the cloak folds around the figure - especially since the only real connection in the Grey Company is the cloaks. 

Once again, the most challenging aspect of the figure was removing it from its integral base. Otherwise, it was a straight-forward paint job.

Of course, since I've got Elladan, I'm going to have to find a suitable figure for his twin brother! 


  1. Great paint job again - I especially like the very alien-looking elf eyes. The swords aren't too bad size-wise, they are certainly not the cricket bats many fantasy miniatures suffer with. Looking forward to seeing Elrohir.

  2. What I like about the figure is the simplicity of its costume,

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