Wednesday 13 December 2023

So it Begins


Six years ago, my wife and I moved our little family from Oxford down to the Kentish coast to be nearer her family. We had some money from the sale of our house in Oxford, but neither of us had a full-time job. I was still working part-time for Osprey, but hoping to become completely freelance as soon as possible. So, after a lot of searching, we bought a small house in a great location, that was cheap enough to keep the mortgage payments low (a real good idea if you are planning to go freelance!). The downside - with only two bedrooms - we knew our son and daughter would eventually outgrow sharing a room.

Fourteen months ago, we seriously started searching for solutions to the issue. Things have improved financially. My wife works full-time at the moment and my transition to being a full-time, freelance, writer and game designer has so far been successful. That said, one of the best ways I can continue that success is to keep expenses low. Eventually, we ruled out moving as we couldn't afford anywhere bigger with as good a location, so instead, we decided to expand. Little did we know just how long a process that can be!

Architects, planning permission, surveys, water company approval and about £10,000 later, ground has been broken. We are adding a bedroom, a second toilet, and upgrading our utility room into a proper room. It still won't be a 'large' house, even by British standards, but hopefully it'll be enough for us.

I honestly have no idea how long it will all take from here. The first goal is to get the 'ground works' done before Christmas, and then look at the rest in the new year. For the moment, I'm just glad that it is underway! (Though jackhammers and diggers in your back garden do not make the best environment for working.)

Ironically, the scaffolding in the photo has nothing to do with the expansion. That is for some roofing work that became necessary due to the torrential rains we've had over the last month. 


  1. Congratulations. It warms my heart that you are able to design games full-time. And don't worry about the place being small - it keeps the family close, and before you know it the kids will leave home and you will find the place all to empty.

  2. Congrats on your move and extension - hope it all goes well. Best withes

  3. Good luck with it all mate! Having just been through something similar, it can be pretty full on at times - but defo worth it in the long run so hang in there!

  4. I always sort of assumed you lived in a big gothic castle with gargoyles and stuff.

  5. All the very best to you as you take this forward.
    Alan Tradgardland

  6. I hope it goes really well and costs don't climb