Tuesday 5 December 2023

Force Wielders


I was playing around with some Stargrave plastic bits over the weekend, and ended up creating a new Jedi. I've shown my squid-Jedi before, but I thought the two looked great together. 

The new guy is constructed out of pieces from the Stargrave: Scavengers box. The arms are actually meant to be zombie arms, but with the right paint job you can't tell. I love the pose. You just know he's about to unleash something big! Either that, or he's holding up some kind of psychic shield to protect everyone else! I made his lightsaber simply buy cutting the handle off one of the tools in the box. 

These guys will be in support of my colonial marines. Also, since I'm planning to use my colonial marines for Space Hulk, I thought these guys could take the place of librarians with their 'force axes' and psychic powers.

I really should construct a light box for mini photos...


  1. This new mini answers the question, "What is Cypher (the fallen Dark Angel) was a Jedi?" 😍

  2. You don't need a lightbox - A3 paper and a daylight bulb is good, especially if you follow one of the online guides to adjust your camera settings