Friday, 23 March 2012

Miniature Friday – Stork Krazer

Over the last few years, I’ve notice a disturbing trend in my miniature painting. I seem to be painting faster and faster. I used to take time and delight in each figure, making it the best I could. But lately, I just seem to be slapping paint on figures as quick as possible in order to call the figure ‘done’. Perhaps this has to do with trying to paint big armies, or maybe it is just the looming presence of my towering lead-pile. Either way, it is not good.
Considering I spend the vast majority of my miniature hobby-time painting, it is important that this process be as enjoyable as possible. For me it will always be better to have a few really good looking figures than vast armies of mediocre stuff. Besides, with enough painting, the vast hordes will come.
So, armed with this new, if not overly original philosophy, I set about painting an old Games Workshop figure I found on the lead-pile. It’s an old Choas Sorceror. Like many old GW figures, it is somewhat flat, but it is heaped with character. I’ve named this evil wizard, Stork Krazer, and he is sure to prove a reoccurring nemesis for my Demon Hunter forces. I am especially proud of the detailing I added around his cuffs and bottom hem, which, I think, really gives the figure a lot more visual appeal.

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