Friday, 14 June 2013

The Bat is Back! (Knights vs. Devils)

The Knights were back on the field last night, taking on one of our main division rivals, The Devils, in a make-up game for an earlier rainout. I was back at my more familiar and comfortable position of pitcher.
 I tossed a pretty good game, only walking one (which I didn’t mind in the situation) and picking up an unusually high number of strikeouts. I also managed to snag a couple of comebackers.
                My real joy on the night was at the plate, where I reach safely in all five of my at-bats. I lead off the second inning with sharp grounder between first and second. I also lead off the third, lining a ball over second base. From that point, the opposing pitcher began to pitch me inside, but my patience held. I walked in my next two at-bats (probably matching my season total for last year). In my final at-bat, leading off the seventh inning, I turned on a 2-0 pitch over the heart of the plate and launched it over the centerfielder. With no wall to stop it, the ball rolled into the distance, and I notched my first-ever league official home run. 
                The Knights took the game by three runs, though I’m not sure I ever knew the exact score. After Tuesday’s somewhat dismal personal performance, it was nice to get back out there and have such a positive night at the plate.

Career Hits: 92, 1 Home Run

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