Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Last 70

So, as promised, I went home after work yesterday and went through all of my unpainted miniatures. The plan was to get my stock down to 50 and put the rest in deep storage. Well, I almost made it. I got it down to 70 and decided that was close enough. After all, its a hobby and I don't want to stress out about it. Plus 28 of those miniatures are all part of The Hobbit releases from Games Workshop. I've cooled on the project at the moment, but I know this will only last until I watch one of the movies again (when is that Hobbit extended edition due out?).

Anyway, 70 will soon be 50; and 50 will soon be done. I'm not worrying about it.

What I think is pretty impressive is the number of different miniature companies represented in my remaining seventy. So, for those who have an interest in such things, here are my remaining seventy unpainted miniatures.

The Hobbit (Games Workshop)

5 Dwarves
18 Goblins
Goblin King
3 Warg Riders


Inquisitor (Forge World)
Purple Worm (Reaper)
OGRE Mk V. (SJ Games)
Ogrethulhu (SJ Games)
Witch Hunter (Games Workshop)
Witch Hunter (Games Workshop - Warhammer Quest)
Medusa (Otherworld)
Santa Contaminated (Lead Adventure)
Ettin (Reaper)
Athena (Wargames Foundry)
Hera (Wargames Foundry)
3 Dwarves (Wargames Foundry & Black Hat)
Cossack (West Wind)
Gypsy (West Wind)
Astropath (Games Workshop)
Gondorian Soldier (Games Workshop)
3 Future Marines (Wargames Factory)
7 Mechs (EM-4)
6mm Dropship (Model)
Bird Wizard (Games Workshop)
5 Victorian Gents (Northstar)
Sherlock Holmes (Northstar)
Cultist (Northstar)
Chinese Swordsman (Northstar)
Steampunker (Northstar)

That's thirteen different companies represented, assuming you count Forge World as separate from Games Workshop and accepting that one is actually a little model and not really a miniature.

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