Thursday, 26 December 2013

An Embarrassment of Riches

I’m currently in the town of Hythe on the Kentish coast to celebrate the season with my in-laws. Christmas itself flew by yesterday in a flurry of presents, food, comings and goings, laughter, and games.  I had planned to report on all the great gifts I received, but, in truth, I received such an embarrassment of riches, that I am reluctant to list them all. People were exceptionally generous towards me this year. Most of the presents I received will likely get mentioned in future blog posts anyway.

It’s Boxing Day today; half the population of the area will currently be descending on Canterbury for ‘the sales’. I went along one year and it was awful, worse than any day on the build up to Christmas. I’ve never really understood ‘the sales’. Why, on the day after I was given a huge pile of stuff, would I want to go out and buy more? I don’t care how deep the discounts go.

There are alternatives, of course. Some will have gone down to the beach for the ‘Boxing Day Dip’. I think this rather chilly tradition is probably better left to the young with stronger constitutions, or perhaps those still drunk from the night before. There is also the 5K run around Saltwood (the village bordering Hythe). I’ve never been much for running, and the constant rain that has turned large chunks of the track to mud, did not increase the appeal.

So instead, I began my Boxing Day by sleeping in and then watching the Doctor Who Christmas special which I recorded the night before. After that, I went for a quick constitutional with the family. Things are quiet now, but only for a bit. This evening we are all over to the Grandparents for a gathering of the full clan.

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