Monday, 3 February 2014


I took a short break from my work on my Lord of the Rings figures to paint up this, rather cadaverous looking, Astropath for the forces of the Black Moab. When I started painting the figure, I had visions of doing all kinds of free hand designs on his robes. I painted on a few, but decided that they were actually detracting from the figure rather than adding to it. So I painted over them and went with a very basic design instead. It is so unusual these days for Games Workshop to put out an understated 40K figure, it is nice to just go with it.

This figure is part of one of the best packs of GW figures never to see general release. I already painted the other two figures in the pack, the Imperial Navy Officer and the Communications Specialist. Once again, this is a metal pack, and considering its limited release, it is doubtful GW will keep it around once the metal stocks are gone, so if you want one, don't wait long.

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