Friday, 4 September 2015

Numinous Occulum

The biggest news in the wargaming world over the last year has been the release of Warhamer: Age of Sigmar, or the destruction of the Warhammer Old World, depending on your personal feelings about it all. I actually don't have any strong feelings about it. I liked the Old World well enough, but I didn't play the game and only rarely bought any of the figures. I think it is clear that Games Workshop had to do something in order to preserve fantasy as a core part of their business, and so they went with a bold new redesign.

I haven't read the Age of Sigmar rules or played a game, so I can't really comment on it. However, I am a big fan of some of the terrain kits that they have put out for it. I think they are some of the coolest, most interesting fantasy terrain pieces I have seen in a long time. Some of them, dare I say it, would look really good in a game of Frostgrave. In fact, I have been so struck by the terrain that I recently ordered my favourite, the Numinous Occulum (great name). I ordered from Firestorm Games as they had a competitive price, and they have been a good supporter of Frostgrave. My order came quickly and well packed.

The kit comes with four sprues of pieces, all of which are cast in heavy plastic. I have no doubt they will easily withstand the rigours of the gaming table. I started assembly while watching the new Godzilla movie. Assembly required a lot of clipping, cutting and filing. I've probably put in about an hour's work all told, and I would guess I'm a bit less than halfway done. That said, it is look pretty cool so far. What the picture here doesn't related is just how big a piece it is. I suppose it is designed for the new, extra-large Age of Sigmar figures, which means for standard 28mm figures, it is a big piece of terrain. I'll try to get a shot with a figure in it next time for scale purposes.

So far, I'm really pleased with the kit and look forward to getting some more work on it.  I might even have to write some Frostgrave rules for playing with such a terrain piece.


  1. Yep! That is a really nice piece. Sorely tempted...

  2. The new terrain would suit an abandoned city steeped in magic to a tee. I am especially tempted by the Dragonfate Dais.

  3. Give in Gordon! It works for gothic sci-fi too, if you're in to such. The Dragonfate Dais is also on my wish list.

  4. Hey Joe, we recently picked up Frostgrave and love it so far, we did a battle report on our Youtube channel and the feedback from everyone seems great. I just came across this article you wrote and funnily enough we used the Numinous Occulum and some other Age of Sigmar terrain in our report. It was our first game so we took it easy but im really looking forward to doing lots of Frostgrave coverage and excited to see the new releases. Thanks!

  5. Link to our battle report :