Wednesday 3 August 2016

Defending Rohan

Although my figure painting has slowed down to a crawl these last few weeks, I have managed to finish up this warrior of Rohan. Like most of the figures in my slowly growing Rohan army, he is from Footsore Miniatures. I can’t speak highly enough about these miniatures. The sculpting and casting are both so sharp that they are a real joy to paint. Even simple paint jobs look great on these figures.

The biggest challenge to painting this figure was the shield. I once again put my free-hand painting to the test in an effort to paint a horse head. While it does make this particular warrior look like he might be a fan of the Denver Broncos, I am generally happy with how it came out. Okay, it’s a little bit blobby, but when he’s ranked up in a shield wall with a bunch of his fellows, I think it will look pretty good.