Thursday 25 August 2016

Frostgrave Treasure Tokens

Over the last year, Frostgrave has received a lot of accolades, won several awards, and generally been considered ‘a hit’ in wargaming terms. As the author, I have received the lion’s share of the credit, but, in truth, there are a huge number of people that have been involved in this success. Today, I wanted to thank a few people who I believe have played a role in making the game popular despite having no financial stake in its success nor any personal connection to me.

In recognition of their work, I want to present these people with a ‘Frostgrave Treasure Token’! This is really nothing more than the little image seen here, but I hope it will be received in the spirit it is given. All of these people have presented Frostgrave in videos, on a blog, or on a forum with an infectious enthusiasm that has certainly spread interest in the game.

So, without further ado, I would like to award the first five Frostgrave Treasure Tokens to…

If wargaming ever goes mainstream and ESPN decides it needs a regular wargaming television show, I have little doubt that they will hire Ash to host it. His enthusiasm for the hobby seems to pour out of the screen in a way that makes me want to get on a plane and fly to Canada just so I can roll a few dice at his gamer co-op!

Owen and Ash operate out of the same studio and often appear in one another’s videos. In contrast to Ash’s boundless enthusiasm, Owen is a more deadpan, tell-it-like-it-is presenter. He clearly has a knack for rules, and will happily use the rules to his advantage, but doesn’t let power-gaming spoil a good time. Owen was also nice enough to come say hi at Adepticon last year!

When I first started work on Frostgrave, I never really imagined the kind of tables people would produce to play the game. I just thought of the game in my own, rather simple, terrain terms. Then along came Harry. Harry produce the first Frostgrave table I had seen that caused my jaw to drop. His long thread on the Lead Adventure Forum is an inspiration for anyone who wants to make a great looking gaming table. To my mind, it is still one of the best looking Frostgrave set-ups I have seen.

There is nothing particularly flashy about Tim’s blog or his gaming tables; however, he has consistently presented Frostgrave in such a wonderful spirit that I always love when he talks about the game. I love how he takes the game and tailors it to those who are playing. I love that he uses the game to bring his family together. It was always my hope that people would use the rules as a starting point for their own creativity, and I think Tim has been one of the best examples of that philosophy.

Before John set up the Frostgrave Facebook Group, I hadn’t given much thought to the role social media would play in the success of the game. Today, I would say that his Facebook group is the single most important connection point for Frostgrave players around the world. Over the last year, John has watched over the group as it has grown to more than 5,200 members and helped make it a fun, safe, enthusiastic place to come, talk about Frostgrave, and see some of the cool work being done by other gamers.

Many thanks to these five! I hope they will digitally wear their Frostgrave Treasure Token with pride!  


  1. With the exception of Tim's blog, which I have never read but will be looking into, I couldn't agree more with these recipients.

    Ash's enthusiasm, and regularity of content, has kept me inspired and has led me to try new games (notably Frostgrave!), and along with Owen and everyone else they play with are a top notch entertainment team.

    I don't know how I found the LAF (think it was probably Ash who mentioned it), but one of the first threads I happened upon was Harrys, and it inspired to up my game in terms of terrain, and I totally stole his ideas about using Amera plastics and even the dwarven toy stronghold!

    As for the Facebook group, I've never been part of a group that encourages and inspires each other as much as that one does, and I'm more than happy to share anything at any stage and I know even if it's not where I want it to be, everyone there will encourage and give support.

    Good choices Joe!

  2. Great to see you thanking those who helped pump up your game.

  3. Awesome :) I am new to frostgrave I shall have to check out these places for some inspiration

  4. Replies
    1. Those wanting to check out my blog should use the search label:

      (otherwise you'll be digging through a lot of other posts about another project I'm utterly focused on at the moment...)

    2. I've added you to my blog roll Tim.

    3. Tim you certainly deserve the award, kudo's on a blog well done!

  5. Until Tim pointed the Frostgrave blog out to me, the ONLY one of these I read was Tim's...

  6. Thanks so much Joe! We've tried to play the game in the spirit in which it's intended. :)

  7. A big thumbs up for Ash at GMG too - he's the best presenter on the best wargaming show on the internet.