Thursday, 15 March 2018

Tower of Dol Amroth

A couple of weeks ago, in a post that mostly got noticed for other reasons, I reminded myself that I should make some terrain. It’s a part of the miniatures hobby that I used to enjoy, but have gotten away from in the last five or six years. So, I went out and bought a big sheet of foam board, and then stared at it blankly for a couple of days.

Seeking inspiration, I started flipping through some old gaming magazines. I found what I was looking for in a couple issues of the old Battles Games in Middle-Earth. One contained instructions for building a Gondorian Fortress, which can be seen here. The other had instructions for building an Osgiliath tower. I really like the look and idea of the first, but figured it was way too advanced for the present. So, I decided I might try to combine the two, and make a fortified tower. Well, at first, I thought I would make a fortified lighthouse/beacon tower for Dol Amroth, but decided I would make it more generic so that I could use it for Middle-Earth, Ghost Archipelago, and even Frostgrave.

Construction has begun. I’m working on the base level first. I might even see if I can make it so that the tower itself is detachable, so that I can just use the base as a small fort.

I suspect this project is going to take quite some time. I have no deadline, and I’m not going to rush it. The photo shows what I’ve managed in an hour or so of work.

It has its frustrations - a miss cut by only a millimeter or two can throw the hole thing off, but, none the less, I am really enjoying the act of creating!


  1. A good solid start, the Fortress article is a nice one, have kept that magazine for inspiration. Look forward to seeing how your project goes :-)

  2. Hi, nice project!
    May i ask you the numbers of the magazine?
    Keep up the good work!


    1. Sure thing Battlegames in Middle-Earth 42 (Osgiliath tower) and 48 (Fortress)