Monday 13 August 2018

Everything Frostgrave

After nearly four years of continuously working on the world of Frostgrave, there is a lot of stuff out there. To help those who might be a bit confused, or fear they might be missing something, I have compiled this list, which I believe contains everything I have worked on that is currently available. (Please let me know if you seen something I have missed). This list is always available on this blog by clicking on the Frostgrave tab in the bar above. I will do my best to keep it up to date!

All Frostgrave products currently available:

Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City (Main Rulebook)

Frostgrave: Thaw of the Lich Lord (Campaign and Expansion)

Frostgrave: Into the Breeding Pits (New Rules for Underground, Beastcrafter wizards)

Frostgrave: Forgotten Pacts (New Rules for Demons)

Frostgrave: The Frostgrave Folio (Rules for Captains, A solo/co-op campaign, a couple other campaigns).

Frostgrave: Ulterior Motives (Card Deck with 40 Secret Mission / Side Quests)

Frostgrave: Maze of Malcor (Some Rule Updates, New Wizard Types, Big Campaign)

Frostgrave: The Grimoire (Spellcards - Includes all Spells from all Supplements)

Frostgrave: Tales of the Frozen City (Fiction Collection - Not by me!)

Frostgrave: Second Chances (A Novel by Matthew Ward contains an exclusive scenario written by me)

Frostgrave: Oathgold (A Novel by Mathew Ward contains an exclusive scenario written by me)

Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine

Issue 1 (Black Powder Rules, Horses, Knightly Orders, Solo Scenario, Mini Campaign)

Issue 2 (Rules for Dragons, Traps in Ghost Archipelago, Frostgrave Mech War)

Issue 3 (Rangifer Warbands, Rangifer Solo Campaign, Ulterior Motives in Ghost Archipelago)


Arachno Assassins in Frostgrave (Stats for a great set of Reaper Miniatures)

Standing in the Eye! (A charity scenario)

Troll Hunt (A scenario for wizards who think they are so tough...)

Magazine Articles

The Frostgrave Auction (Wargames Soldier and Strategy Issue 83)

   Extra Content for Above Article (Posted on this Blog)

Scenario: The Bridges of the Mal Dreath (Tabletop Gaming Issue 3, Reprinted in Spellcaster 2)

Skeletal Archers in Frostgrave (Wargames Illustrated Issue 341)

The Cuelebre (In Spanish - Falcata Issue 1) [Rules for a dragon-like creature]

The Failed Breed (Tabletop Gaming Issue 6)

Planar Storm (Miniature Wargames #405 [Scenario for use with Forgotten Pacts])

Designing Ulterior Motives (Miniature Wargames #410) [Two exclusive Ulterior Motive cards]

The Belfry (Miniature Wargames #421) [Scenario that was cut from Maze of Malcor]

Campaign Days

The Lost Formula (written for Wargames Illustrated Frostgrave Campaign Day)

[The link for this on the Wargames Illustrated Pages seems to be broken at the moment.]

The Catacombs of the Evrenbright (In Spellcaster: Issue 1)

All Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago products current available:

Ghost Archipelago: Fantasy Wargames in the Lost Isles (Main Rulebook)

Ghost Archipelago: Lost Colossus (10 Scenario Campaign Expansion)

Ghost Archipelago: Gods of Fire [September Release] (Creating New Tribes, 3 Campaigns)

Ghost Archipelago: Accessory Pack (Contains Blood Burn Die and cards for Heritor Abilities and Warden Spells)

Ghost Archipelago: Tales of the Lost Isles (Fiction collection, include exclusive scenario by me)

Magazine Articles

The Floating Hulk (Solo scenario in Wargames Illustrated 361)

The Fire Swamp (Scenario based on The Princess Bride in Tabletop Gaming 13)


  1. Excellent Joe! Thanks. Good chance to snag those missing bits, though there isn't many!

  2. Thank you kindly for all of this and for creating a fantastic game!

  3. Great list. Thanx.

    One little thing: Scenario "The Bridges of Mal Dreath" should be reprinted in Spellcaster 2 (not 1)

  4. Thank you so much, this is really handy.

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