Friday, 24 August 2018

The Diamonds of Elias Skull for Ghost Archipelago

Isn't it always the way. In my last post, I presented a list containing everything I've written for the world of Frostgrave, and less than a week later it is out of date.

A couple of days ago, I received the new Wargames Illustrated, Issue 371, that contains my mini-campaign The Diamonds of Elias Skull for Ghost Archipelago.

The campaign consists of three scenarios, all of which take place on the same island. In the main, it's a classic pirate treasure hunt, filled with traps, monsters, and a fight in a cave behind a waterfall!

So, if you are looking for some more action for your Heritor, and a chance to pick up a unique treasure, check it out.

You can get the new issue from North Star Military Figures, which means you can order a copy at the same time you order your Frostgrave you might need some more swamp zombies...

There are several other interesting things in the issue, including a long article on the new edition of Black Powder, featuring lots of shots of John Stallard's game room, where I was once lucky enough to play a game of Black Powder. Also included is an article about the complex campaign run by one of the Perry brothers - who wouldn't want to play in that!

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  1. A a great article.
    Another one to add to the list of scenarios to play over the winter.