Thursday 13 December 2018

Early Christmas Present!

Last weekend we put-up our Christmas tree, a modest, but pretty, five-foot fir. As my wife was winding around the lights, she pointed out that we didn’t have enough to cover it all. Remembering we had a second set, I got a chair and dug around in the back of the super-high shelf in the wardrobe. I found the box, but when I opened it, it wasn’t lights – it was so much better!

It contained three model trees, an unpainted genestealer primarch, and, most important of all, my Warhammer/Tomahawk model! (Warhammer if you are a Battletech fan; Tomakawk if you are for Robotech). I thought all of these things had been lost in the house move over a year ago!

The Warhammer model is one of my all-time favourite big, stompy robots, even if it is a rather cheap (though currently unavailable) Japanese import. I actually painted it up to serve as some heavy support for my 28mm models.

Anyway, I’m glad to have all of these things back, and the best gifts are the ones you don't expect. And, after a little more digging, I did find the rest of the Christmas lights as well.

[Members of my family may be reminded of the favourite family story from my childhood. One Christmas eve were hanging up our stockings when I discovered a small present in mine that had apparently been left, unopened and undiscovered, from the year before. I admit it, I’m a bit absent-minded from time to time…]