Wednesday 19 December 2018

Werewolf Wednesday!

Rangers of Shadow Deep: Blood Moon is now available to purchase as a PDF from! 

You can pick it up here

For more information, see the post below.


  1. Joe: Brilliant... we either stay and snuff it, or we all go... and snuff it.

    Ryan: Decisions. Decisions.

    Werewolves, gotta love 'em

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  3. I picked the PDF up yesterday.
    Definitely a fun scenario, the way the revelation of the second Werewolf is played out will cause most players to be extra cautious.

  4. Awesome! Just finished the first three missions in the core book over break. Had a blast (though, I lost Beauxregard! on last mission, he will be missed.) When this hits PoD, I will be picking up a copy.