Wednesday 27 February 2019


In the latest issue of Spellcaster Magazine, I introduced ‘Legendary Soldiers’ to Frostgrave, which are basically soldiers with special abilities that can be recruited by higher-level wizards. I think my favourite of these is the ‘bookhound’. Looking over my collection, I realized I didn’t have a good figure to represent a bookhound, so I made one.

This figure uses an Oathmark body, a Ghost Archipelago Crew head, and arms from the forthcoming Frostgrave wizard set. I wanted a figure holding a book, but who otherwise didn’t look particularly magical.

My small brush was starting to go as I painted this figure, so some of my black-lining isn’t quite as sharp as it normally is, but this is only really noticeable in photos, not on the actual figure. Otherwise, I’m really pleased how he turned out.

What I especially like about this figure is that I can use him as a thug for when my wizard is low-level, and then convert him to the bookhound should my wizard ever make it a lofty level.

While I generally like to focus on painting one figure at a time, I usually have a ‘back-up’ figure on the go as well. This is often some kind of bad guy that I’m less enthusiastic about painting, but want to get done. For example, gnolls. I generally paint these guys while waiting for a wash to dry on my primary figure. Always good to add another gnoll to the horde for Frostgrave or Rangers of Shadow Deep.


  1. As I use figures for Bloodbowl or gaming I have learned to love the Army Painter dip method of painting.Now Army Painter tinned dip does rather smell until dry, but there are alternatives. Dr.Fausts Painting Clinic published this video on you Tube which is helpful, saves blacklining too.

  2. This is off topic Joe but I was wondering if the Warriors of Athena have been disbanded or did they Schuffle off this mortal coil during one of their quest!

    1. I must admit my mind has been turning that way again... In many ways Warriors of Athena was the precursor to Rangers of Shadow Deep, and it might just return the favour.

  3. Looking good, the bookhound in particular.

  4. Those are a couple of neat looking minis.