Monday 4 February 2019

Anarch by Dan Abnett

I just finished reading Anarch, the 15th and latest book in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series by Dan Abnett, and it blew me away! Seriously, this book is the payoff for so much that has gone before. While officially it completes a four book arc, many of the plots it covers and brings to a close reach much farther back in the series.

This book really takes off about 100 pages in, and from there, the poor Ghosts are sent running in every direction. At one point, there are no less than 4 major incidents going on simultaneously. It is gloriously unrelenting.

For me, Dan Abnett is at his best when combining military science-fiction with horror, and this book contains perhaps his best example.

Heroes rise and fall. Old faces return, while familiar friends are lost. It is, at times, gut-wrenching and tremendously sad, but for every loss there is a gain, and for every villain there is a hero.

After being just slightly disappointed in the previous book in the series, Warmaster, this book brings the series right back to its greatest heights. Were it to be the last Gaunt’s Ghosts book written (and I certainly hope that it not the case), I would be satisfied.


  1. I've obviously lost sight of the series, I thought I had them all. And now this is the fourth book of another chunk ?

    Looks like some good reading ahead.

  2. Dan Abnett has done more to bring 40k to life than any author. The ongoing story of the Tanith First has helped put a real human aspect on 40k, away from all the hyperbole etc of the actual 40k game. Its a must read if you really want to understand 40k as a setting.

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  4. It's cracking, but it really needed more Bonin! I've missed the scout this arc, he's not been used much! I think he writes great horror, and I haven't been so worried for fictional characters in a bad situation ever as much as here...

    Who are your favorite characters, and which is your favorite book? I like each book, but my favorite is probably Guns of Tanith.

    Anyhow, I really look forward to all the new Frostgrave stuff coming out. I haven't even started on Ghost Archipelago yet, so engrossed have we been in Frostgrave, but with the second expansion coming out, and the new tribals nickstarter, and a bunch of half naked gladiators purchased last November at Reading Warefare, I'm eager to play!

  5. I must admit a soft spot for 'Lucky' Bonin and Shoggy. And poor Ban Daur. I have a hard time remember which book is which, but I really like the ones that is set in the 'haunted' fortress...

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