Monday, 21 October 2019


A half-dozen miniatures stare down accusingly from my bookshelf. They are all painted, but none are varnished. It’s not my fault this time, or even an unhappiness with varnish, but simply the weather. It has rained, on-and-off for the past week here in Kent. There have been a few periods of calm and sun, but they have been notable as the exceptions. I know most American’s think that it is always raining in Britain (why else would Englishmen always carry umbrellas?), but it’s not true. The summers are glorious and generally dry, but come Autumn…well, the plants love it.

Anyway, thankfully I still had a few minis primed and ready to paint, including this tracker who’ll be joining my new Frostgrave warband. She’s an official Frostgrave miniature, sculpted by the legendary Mark Copplestone. If you’ve never painted a Copplestone, give it a try, they just have detail that is designed to be painted.

In order to give the figure some extra colour, I tried painting some simple flower patterns on her skirt. I wanted to hint at the same kind of colours often seen in Native America dress. My free-hand skills are not great, and limited to simple patterns like this. Even then, it is far from perfect, but when viewed from a couple of feet, as it usually will on the table (or my bookshelf) it looks really good.

Six members of the warband down. Four to go!


  1. The pattern on the skirt looks great! I love this miniature and have one myself.

  2. I have been enjoying your painting spree.

  3. Love that miniature! It's on my desk waiting, did ya do her dog?
    I'm gonna use her as a tracker for my rangers of shadow deep games :)