Thursday, 5 January 2023

No Zombies Jumpin' My Claim!


I got in some good painting time over the Christmas holiday, including continuing to slowly work my way through my Zombicide: Undead or Alive game. I'm now up to 11 figures painted, including these guys above. In truth, I probably shouldn't spend as long as I do on these figures, especially the zombies, but they are well sculpted, and it is fun to appreciate that with the brush. Plus, I expect I'll be using these figures for playing Deadlands at some point too! That said, with nearly a dozen identical copies of each of the zombies, we will see how long my enthusiasm holds out! 

The log cabin is a resin terrain piece I've had for ages. I can't quite remember where it comes from. I think I picked it up at the Overlord convention in Abingdon about 15 years ago. It's a solid little piece and fits in well on a lot of tables. 

When possible, I'm moving my miniature photography outside due to the much better natural light. That said, everything here is soaked, so I had to wipe the bin lid dry to give myself a place to take the snap, which explains the brick background! 


  1. That's a great looking prospector, and a shack worth defending against them no-good undead varmits.

  2. Nice paint jobs, those are impressive!