Monday 9 October 2023

Concerning Hobbits


I've been thinking about hobbits a lot recently. Now, that's not a terribly uncommon thing for me, but specifically, I've been thinking about the hobbits in my miniature Fellowship. Up to now, I have been using some lovely figures sculpted by Bobby Jackson for Reaper Miniatures (example on the right). I really like these figures, and if I were to play a hobbit in an RPG, I think I'd probably go for one of these. However, for my Fellowship, I started to feel that they are just too big. 

So, I ordered a sample pack of hobbits from Scotia Grendel*. These are actually from the old Harlequin Miniatures The Lord of the Rings line. I painted up Frodo, and you can see him on the left. In the centre is Aragorn (a converted Rangers of Shadow Deep figure). He's kind of my 'base' figure which I used to judge all of the others. Considering he is supposed to be a very tall man (with long legs to boot!), I think it is appropriate that a hobbit be close to waist height. I did worry, for a bit, that maybe the new mini was just too small... but that's kind of a defining trait of hobbits after all! 

Looking at them lined up now, the Reaper hobbit looks a little more like a dwarf than a hobbit compared to Aragorn. The Scotia Grendel model is close to Games Workshop hobbits in size, but has the more exaggerated features, which I prefer.  

I have now ordered another pack to make the rest of the Fellowship hobbits and am awaiting delivery. In the meantime, I think I need to have another look at my Gimli...

*Though for some reason my computer refuses to go to the Scotia Grendel site so I have to order through my phone, which is not the best way to look a minis! Beyond that though - I got great, quick, service!


  1. I've faced the same dilemma. The Reaper minis are the size of a Dwarf, or bigger, next to most of my minis. I have one old Ral Partha Halfling in armor that is about the right size, but that's about it. Great to know there is a good alternative out there, and I'll be checking out Scotia Grendel.

  2. I'm struggling forever with scale since people are making models in 32mm. I love 28mm and I in love with the oathmark models.

    But the oathmark models close to others 28mm looks like even smaller, or everyone else is going up? I just wanted a more harmonic look. Buts kind more difficult as time passes time.

    I have a similar ranger like this one and he is very tall indeed.

    1. I too lament the apparent ubiquity of 32mm scale miniatures. I don't mind them existing - or even being popular - but what vexes me is that it's got to the point where it can be difficult to get miniatures in 28mm - madness! 😄