Thursday 1 February 2024

Colonial Marine Gun Truck


My Colonial Marines got a serious firepower upgrade over the holidays in the form of a gun truck. The model is from Games Workshop, their Genesteler Cults range. I liked the tough, workman-like look of the vehicle and thought it would be prefect for marines stuck on distant colonies who were generally facing low-level threats. 

I don't really enjoy painting vehicles, so I gave it a very quick green paint job with a few details and a good bit of weathering. Then I threw a few decals on for visual interest. My one bit of flair was painting the name/artwork on the side. This truck is the 'Lucky Duck'... okay, the paint job ain't great, but it was the best I could manage! 

I really couldn't decide if I wanted a mini riding on top of the truck or not. I went back and forth several times before deciding to make the figure removable. So, I drilled little pins into its feet and corresponding holes in the top deck. These hold her firmly in place, but when she is removed the holes are tool small to notice - so that worked well!

One day, I'd like to have a whole 'convoy' for my marines. But, I'm happy to build this up slowly.


  1. Brilliant thanks for sharing 👍

  2. As you say, it looks the biz. I shall try to resist wanting one.

  3. Hollingsworth Hound, "Great, now that Lucky Duck has got a cooler limo than me!?"

  4. me has creado una necesidad, ya tengo el mío en la mesa de pintura :D