Thursday 22 February 2024

Ogre: Test Run

My ebay copy of Ogre: Sixth Edition arrived, and I gave it quick test run. I replaced the cardboard Ogre Mk III with my metal mini and the command post with a little piece of terrain from Brigade Models. I played the most basic scenario and even used the suggested set-up. 

The game really is smooth and quick. I wish it used a die other than the d6, but that's my only real complaint. Math that at first seems daunting really isn't. It is apparent that the side not playing the Ogre has a lot more to think about, which actually makes it a good game to introduce new players, as the Ogre side is much easier. 

My Ogre finally ground to a halt a mere four hexes from the command post. The enemy still had 2 GEVs, 1 heavy tank, and a howitzer left. It's that howitzer that really caused the most problems. 

I still want to replace the counters with miniatures. That actually make the game slightly harder, as the minis won't have stats on them. That said, the game has so few units, I don't think it will take long to memorize them all, and a quick cheat sheet is all that should be necessary before then.


  1. The concept of a giant tank that needs to be taken down is really appealing. I've never tried Ogre, so I'm glad to see you posting about it!

  2. Glad to see you exploring Ogre! And yes, it's easy to remember all the stats.

  3. I loved ogre when I first played it. Great game. I still have a ton of minis for it. I use them for Battletech and Dirtside.