Wednesday 21 February 2024

Games from the Grave - My Patreon, Launching Today!

Today I am launching my Patreon, Games from the Grave!  I'll explain my reasoning in a future post, but for now, I'm celebrating by sharing some free-to-everyone posts, including:

There are also a couple of pieces already in the paid membership section:
  • Lair of the Dark Goat - A solo scenario for The Silver Bayonet.
  • The Renaissance Troll (Part 2) - The next part of my gaming autobiography, which tells the story of the first great gaming store to influence my life and an examination of my first role-playing love: Middle-Earth Role-Playing (MERP)!
Going forward, I plan to share at least three works every month, which could include:

 ·       Draft work of new games, with discussions about my design decisions. 
 ·       Essays on game design, the industry, and the hobby. 
 ·       New material for my games, such as a scenarios, monsters, and treasure. 
 ·       Chapters from my gaming autobiography. 
 ·       Reviews of games and associated media. 
 ·       Other types of writing such as fiction and travel writing. 

Most of this will be new writing, though some will be older works that are now out of print and hard to find. Some of it will be used in future publishing projects, but a lot will remain exclusive to Patreon. Whatever its origins or ultimate fate, I hope each work will be a little bit of gamer fun to brighten your day!