Monday 20 May 2024



Introducing, Gallimandus! I painted this figure to be my character for HeroQuest with the kids... but I'm so happy with the paint job that I might have to take him into the Frozen City on a treasure hunt or two...  

Yes, this is another Bobby Jackson figure from Reaper Miniatures. The guy just sculpts figures that are fun to paint! 

At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to get enough contrast between the purple and the blue, but I think the gold trim really helps to set the different areas apart. The only part of the figure that gave me real trouble was the main scroll. My first attempt just didn't feel right. It just looked too fresh, like it was written yesterday, where I wanted something older. Switching to a red/brown for the writing instead of black on the second attempt really helped with this.

I've always wanted scrolls to play a bigger part in Frostgrave, but I don't think I've ever pulled it off. My best attempt was probably in The Maze of Malcor, where you can find scrolls for spells you can't otherwise cast, but I still don't see them used very often. Oh well, something to think about for a future supplement!


  1. I think the blue and purple look great together. I especially love the blue beard highlights!

  2. I agree with the above a great paint scheme.

  3. Cool mini and cool paint job.