Monday 3 June 2024

Deathship One - Now Available!

My new (mini) miniatures game Deathship One, is now available as a PDF or print-on-demand through In this solo or co-operative game, you play a squad of soldiers that has been pulled out of time and dumped into an alien deathtrap. So, whether you are playing ancient Greeks or power-armoured space marines, you must fight your way through five rooms of aliens and traps to see if anyone survives!

While the game encourages the use of whatever miniatures you already have, it does feature 4 distinct alien races. And I’m excited to announce that famed miniature sculptor Bobby Jackson has made STL files for the aliens which you can purchased directly from his new shop. If you are in the US, you can also order physical prints. In the UK and the rest of the world, you can order from North Star

 As a bonus for my Patreon supporters, I have also created rules for taking a wizard into the Deathship. This game originally appeared in the Blaster gaming anthology, but this is a revised edition with new material. 

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