Monday 10 June 2024

Anglo-Egyptian Silver Bayonet Unit

Believe it or not, I don't have a purpose-painted The Silver Bayonet unit. Whenever I have played the game, I have just cobbled together a unit from figures I had previously painted. Well, that's set to change! Inspired by some of the minis produced for the new Egypt supplement, I've decided to create a new Anglo-Egyptian unit!

I placed an order for a few Front Rank figures, but while I am waiting for them, I decided to start on the Egyptian part, which I got from North Star. Here's the first two! These are my coachman (the only soldier who carries a blunderbuss) and my Doctor.  I gave the coachman a 'red coat' so he'd fit in with his English allies, but the Doctor I wanted to stand out more. He's a more reluctant member of the group.

Both of these figures were a dream to paint, as Mike Owen sculpts usually are. I like that his figures don't overdo the detail, but what detail they have is heavily moulded into the figure, making it easy to paint. 

These guys look ready to fight some monsters!


  1. Those are some nice, unfussy miniatures, but still have plenty of character.

  2. Those are really nice, Simon