Monday 11 November 2013


I’ve been painting a lot of Lord of the Rings miniatures lately, but I think the ones I have enjoyed the most are these Half-Trolls. Both of these miniatures have loads of finely sculpted detail that was easy to pick out or dry brush. In fact, I enjoyed them so much, I’m considering getting another pair before the supply of metals dries up (all GW Lord of the Rings miniatures are a bit endangered at the moment, especially in metal).

My only disappointment with the figures is that they seem a little small. In stature, they are only just a bit taller than a man. True, they are much broader and dangerously muscular, but still a tad small. Trolls, especially as depicted in the movies, are massive creatures. At best, these two guys seem like Quarter-Trolls.

Games Workshop included these guys as part of their Far Harad range of figures. This range is only semi-based on Tolkien, as I don’t believe Tolkien said much at all about Far Harad beyond the name. He did, however, mention Half-Trolls. I believe they come up during the battle of Helm’s Deep. Also, for some reason I always thought that Gothmog, leader of the forces of Mordor after the fall of the Witch King, was a Half-Troll, although I might be remembering that from The Middle-Earth Role-Playing Game.

At any rate, they are certainly part of Middle-Earth and great figures to boot.


  1. They look great. Stop being sizest I wouldn't want to meet one in a dark alley quarter or half troll!

    They had some great gems in the LOTR Harad range!

  2. Nice work, I have a couple of these lurking in the lead pile too.