Friday 15 November 2013

The Night of the Doctor

If you are a hard core Doctor Who fan (like me), then the BBC has just released the coolest six minutes of Doctor Who video in the last decade.

The following clip contains a bit of spoiler if you haven't seen the end of the last season of Doctor Who, although I wonder if anyone who hasn't seen that episode, will fully understand what they are witnessing.

If you haven't watched it, stop reading and watch it, because here come some spoilers for it.

Paul McGann is back, with a tremendous opening line. Although Paul McGann has made only one previous appearance as the Doctor, he has become a fan favourite in the Doctor Who audio adventures. It is really wonderful to see him again, if only briefly, at the end.

This little mini-episodes is really a prologue for the upcoming 50th anniversary special, Day of the Doctor, but it contains many talking points.

For example, we now know that Paul McGann did not regenerate into Christopher Eccleston.

More interesting for me, this is the first time that a BBC produced Doctor Who story has referenced the audio adventures. Some of the companions that the Doctor names only appeared in the audio adventures. Previously, there has been a very strict disconnect between the audio adventures and the television show.

Now, in truth, I don't think this mini-episode fully succeeded in accomplishing what is one of the biggest and most important transitions in Doctor Who history, but considering they only had six minutes, they did pretty well. Chances are, it was this or nothing.

Anyway, it's extremely exciting for a Whovian like me and has once again gotten me anxiously waiting for November 23 - The Day of the Doctor

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