Sunday 24 November 2013

The Day After the Doctor!

It was a packed house in the cinema last night, in fact there were people sitting in the aisles. We had all paid a premium so that we could watch a television show (airing at the same time) in the theatre. Sure it was cool to see Doctor Who on the big screen and in 3D, but I think most people had come because they wanted to be part of the event, and to be surrounded by others who loved the Doctor as much as they did. There were a few long scarves and lots of fezzes in the audience.

As for the episode, I’m sure there will be those that complain. People will point out the plot holes and the numerous paradoxical illogicalities. Some, I’m sure will be disappointed that the show rewrote the darkest moment of the Doctor’s past. (Although wrote it, might be more accurate) Others will argue that Tom Baker's appearance at the end made no sense at all. To all of them, I would say, ‘You’ve missed the point.’

The Day of the Doctor was a celebration and a reaffirmation of 50 years of adventures in time and space. It stated clearly, that even in the Doctor’s weakest moment, at his lowest ebb in his 11 (12? 13?) regenerations, he will never completely lose hope. He will never sacrifice the innocent for the greater good. In an entertainment industry filled with dark and violent anti-heroes, the Doctor still shines bright, the rasping wheeze of his Tardis bringing hope to the desperate.

For that reason, above all else, I loved The Day of the Doctor!


  1. I just watched it on TV hear in Australia - I like the fact it opens up a lot of things that were taken off the board thanks to the Time War and the destruction of the Time Lords & Daleks by what happened in the Special.

    Also very happy to see the return of one of my favourite monsters.

  2. I'm not sure if they showed it at the cinema, but make sure to watch the accompanying comedy Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, explaining where the other remaining actors were.