Wednesday 16 July 2014

Back-to-Back with the Black Knight

Considering that I’m an author, an editor, and an all-around bibliophile, it is perhaps surprising that I did not take to reading as a child. I don’t remember any of this of course, but apparently, my parents only really convinced me to read when they gave me comic books. 

These days, I only occasionally read comics; I just like prose better. However, a few bits of the many hundreds of comics I devoured as a young lad have stayed with me, including this Thor cover. I suppose the artwork doesn’t really stand up to today’s standards, but at the time, it was one of the coolest covers I had ever seen.  I even remember tracing the cover with tracing paper.

The comic was part of the run that saw the Ancient Egyptian gods invade Asgard, leaving Thor and his allies to save the day. Part of me would dearly love to read that series again, but I have a strong feeling that my memory makes the story better than it actually was. Perhaps it is better to leave childhood memories as they are...

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  1. Sometimes yes sometimes no, I'm re-reading some of my childhood comic favorites myself an I'm still pleased with them.