Thursday, 3 July 2014

Frostgrave – Submitted

Playtesting is done. The corrections have been made, the tweaks tweaked, and the random encounter tables added. Yesterday, I officially handed over the manuscript for my fantasy miniatures wargame, Frostgrave to my editor. It is possible that he might come back requesting more changes, but as we have already been through one round of that, any requests will likely be pretty minor.

The playtesting proved to be a fun, interesting, and useful experience. For the most part, everyone was very enthusiastic about the rules and seemed to find the basic mechanics easy to grasp. Peoples were especially pleased by the variety of different wizards that could be played and the number of different spells that were available. 

On the flip side, most people felt that the early versions of the game were just a little too lethal with regards to campaigns. Also, some of the rules for handling combats involving more than two combatants were a little confusing. Both of these have been changed, hopefully for the better. By far the most common request though, was for MORE monsters! Well, that was a request I was happy to oblige. Since the game is now going to be produced hardback, with a higher page count, I was able to include a full bestiary with optional random encounter tables for players who want even more chaos on their excursions into the frozen city.

It is still the better part of a year before Frostgrave will actually see print, but my enthusiasm is running high. I’m already thinking about possible supplements or articles to expand the game.

Of course, I have two other books I’m suppose to write in that time...I perhaps should have thought a bit more about this before my daughter was born...


  1. I've actually just played two games with my friend earlier this evening, but looks like I'm too late for a feedback!

    Anyway, once thing we noted was that even after a lapse of several months, the basic mechanisms are memorable and we managed to pick the game up again quickly. It's a fun set of rules.

  2. Cap. You should be receiving an email from me soon with a bit more info. I'd love to hear about the games, even if it doesn't directly impact on the rules. I have very much enjoyed your own blog posts on your playtest games.